7 social media strategy tips

7 social media strategy tips
Start by making inspirational boards related to one's travel niche. Then go to your favorite suppliers' websites and pin photos directly from their sites. At first it might seem like you are driving traffic to the supplier's site, which could be true …
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Office goes interstate to tap into 'lucrative lead-generating platform'
RE/MAX Advantage has targeted the Sydney Property Buyer Expo as a “lucrative lead-generating platform” and will be manning a stand when the event opens on 30 October. Owner Tandi Gill and sales associate Reno Muscat will be offering … “A typical open …
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Business Development Internship
Aflac, being a Fortune 500 company, is a leading provider of voluntary insurance in the United States and insures more than 50 million people worldwide. Aflac is the Number 1 provider of guaranteed-renewable insurance in the United States. We provide …
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Solar Media Team Rapidly Expands Its Operations Servicing the Top Residential

Solar Media Team Rapidly Expands Its Operations Servicing the Top Residential
On Solar Media Team's 2nd anniversary servicing residential solar installers with 100% contact solar leads, they expand to bring on an additional 100 agents. With their corporate offices located in Boca Raton, FL additional office space was acquired to …
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Solar Will Soon Be the Dominant Generation Source for Microgrids
Trane and Alstom Grid were recently awarded $ 5 million from the California Energy Commission (CEC) to build a wastewater treatment microgrid that will incorporate solar energy at the Laguna Wastewater Treatment Plant in Santa Rosa, Calif. The CEC has …
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Final Steps Towards Paris?
The last ten days have seen a rush by nations to publish their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs), with the much anticipated INDC from India amongst those submitted. On Monday October 5th, the Co-Chairs of the ADP also released a …
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Men’s Business Networking Event – “the way men like to do business”

Men’s Business Networking Event – “the way men like to do business”
Event on 2015-10-15 18:00:00

Man Business is about hand-selecting a group of high quality business owners, business managers and business leaders to meet up once a month to enjoy an event styled for men.

The monthly event is hosted at Village coworking in North Sydney on the third Thursday of each month from 6pm to 9pm. Pre booking is required for attendance as space is limited and catering is provided. 

The way men like to do business

The events are styled, themed and run the way men like to do business.

We host Sydney's leading craft brewers, wine educators and whiskey enthusiasts to share their insight into fine things, business and new opportunities. Expect the unexpected. 

Upcoming Events

June – Craft Beer with David Lipman & we talk Sport!

July – Australia's Best of the Best Red Wine Tour with David Swaddle

Aug – Discover the Art of Whiskey with Peter Stevens

Oct – The best of Australia's Local Craft Beer

Nov – Whiskey, Rum and Spirits lets explore.


JUNE – Craft Beer with David Lipman

Join Sydney businessmen discuss what makes a great beer and an unbreakable business.

David Lipman, Publisher of Beers Buyers Guide, will walk you through 10 different local & imported beers with matching canapes on the night while you meet, connect and network with influential business leaders.

All craft beer, food and premium business networking included in your ticket, pre booking essential

You will also receive tasting notes and go into the running to for a Lucky Door Prize on the night.

While we drink Craft Beer we will be talking about the Business of Sport.

How do Daniel Ricciardo, James Magnussen and Sally Fitzgibbons secure sports leading commercial branding roles? enter Mark Jones from The Sports Group.

Mark is responsible for connecting Australia’s leading sports athletes with International brands for mutually beneficial deals. We chat with Mark about his life with Australia’s leading sports athletes, their lives, his highs and lows, and his passion for sport.

The Sports Group is a leading sports management and marketing company with an undeniable passion for the business of sport. The Sports Group represents many of Australia’s greatest sporting champions and is committed and focussed on discovering and nurturing the future generations of Australian sport.

JULY – Australia's best of the best red wine tour with David Swaddle

What makes a great Australian Red Wine and how do you discover the perfect business opportunities?

David Swaddle explores the depth of Australian red wines and business potential in the room. We hope to uncover great wine and future business opportunities.

AUGUST – Discover the Art of Whiskey with Peter Stevens

Like good men, Whiskey has character, personality and an undeniable statement. Peter Stevens from the Gentleman's Cabinet lets us learn more about Whiskey and gets us talking.

We uncover Scottish and Australian Whiskeys while we mingle with other business owners.

Good Men, know Good Men

Don't hide this event from Good Men, just make sure you only show it to Good Men.

Why do we need a Boys Club? 

What does Man Business stand for?

Think fight club meets corporate without the swagger. We drop the ego, keep the secrecy and focus on doing business in style. If thats you, book in and meet real men doing real business.

Who is invited?

The events are designed for high quality men in business. You are a business owner, a business leader or successful business developer. You welcome the opportunity to connect and mingle with other quality business owners while enjoying the man stuff. 

Thank you to Village in North Sydney?

They have kindly given us their venue to host our events. They support our endevours to empower men, they also embrace women and are focused on helping all North Shore business owners grow their business. 

We love the Village because it gives us plenty of options when it comes to hosting events. We believe you will love the space too.

at American Club (Level 14)
131 Macquarie St
Sydney, Australia

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91.3 WYEP & Sailor Jerry present: An Evening With Lucero

91.3 WYEP & Sailor Jerry present: An Evening With Lucero
Event on 2015-10-14 20:00:00

Wed 10/14
91.3 WYEP & Sailor Jerry present: An Evening With Lucero
All Ages
(by Brian Venable) You could say we were one of the lucky ones, starting this band in April of ’98 without a clue as to what we were doing. We were getting tired of the steady punk rock and metal diet and we wanted to try our hand at country songs, or do our best Tom Waits/Pogues impersonation. The trick there was that we couldn’t really play our instruments! I had never played guitar before and Ben Nichols (lead singer, guitar) had only played bass in other bands. Finding Roy Berry (drummer) and John C. Stubblefield (bassist) solidified the line up and being hidden away in Memphis allowed us to woodshed, experiment with different sounds and create one that was ours alone.
luceromusic.com | Purchase Tickets Online | 866-468-3401 | Reserve Balcony | Local Outlets

at Mr. Small’s Funhouse & Theatre
400 Lincoln Avenue
Pittsburgh, United States

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Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Certification – Clarksville, IN

Verbal Defense & Influence Instructor Certification – Clarksville, IN
Event on 2015-10-13 08:00:00
The Four Day Complete Certified Instructor course will certify participants as Verbal Defense & Influence instructors. This program is designed for those who want to teach Verbal Defense & Influence within their organization, or for practitioners looking for an immersive learning environment to fully experience our methodology.   Verbal Defense & Influence is a comprehensive approach to human interaction. The principles of Verbal Defense & Influence reduce conflict, generate voluntary compliance, and increase personal safety in all aspects of daily life. This system provides the tools to improve participants' interpersonal skills, develop self-confidence in dealing with others, interact with others effectively, and maintain their physical, mental, and emotional safety even in crisis situations.   This field-proven methodology has been taught worldwide over the last 25+ years in fields as diverse as law enforcement, health care, education, customer service, private security, sales, social services, and and corporate businesses.   The Four Day Complete Certified Instructor course is taught using Vistelar Group's proprietary “Emotionally Safe Performance-Driven Instruction” method. Our instructors use experiential, research-based, practice-oriented instructional methods to build participant enthusiasm and skill. This method helps participants develop mastery in applying techniques to concrete situations so they can successfully use our skills today and for the rest of their lives.   Course Benefits:   By the end of the course, participants will have learned tools and strategies to: Respond to  interpersonal conflict Manage verbal abuse and bullying Keep conflict from escalating into confrontations Defuse confrontations De-escalate violence Maintain personal safety Build cooperation and collaboration Improve customer service skills Conduct difficult conversations Lower workplace stress levels Enhance professionalism Teach Verbal Defense & Influence to others   Course Objectives: By the end of the course, participants will be able to: Explain the fundamental elements of the Verbal Defense & Influence system List, explain, and describe the personal relevance of the 5 Maxims Explain the importance of Being Alert & Decisive, Responding, and Not Reacting Discuss and demonstrate techniques to Be Alert & Decisive, Respond, and Not React including Emotional Guards and Proxemics Explain and demonstrate the Showtime tactics Perform Showtime tactics while demonstrating other Verbal Defense & Influence skills Perform a Universal Greeting in a variety of situations Explain and perform the Beyond Active Listening tactics Use Beyond Active Listening tactics to improve responses in case studies and participants' own experiences Perform a variety of Redirections Create and perform a script for a Redirection in their professional or personal life Explain the elements of the Persuasion Sequence Perform a Persuasion Sequence Create and perform a script that integrates Redirections into the Persuasion Sequence Explain and demonstrate the Closure Principle in a variety of situations Identify indicators for When Words Alone Fail Develop and practice response tactics for When Words Alone Fail Explain the principles of Bystander Mobilization Demonstrate the three methods of Ethical Intervention Describe pre-intervention and post-intervention actions in order to normalize Ethical Intervention Explain the importance of Reviewing & Reporting an incident Conduct a post-incident Review & Report Develop an action plan using the Review & Report principles Present a Peace Story of successful conflict resolution using the Verbal Defense & Influence principles Explain key principles of adult learning, including lesson structure, the role of practice, and the importance of experiential learning Explain the difference between education and training Develop a Verbal Defense & Influence training session for their organization Run a training session using Emotionally Safe Performance-Driven Instruction techniques Use the Communicating Under Pressure chart to teach Verbal Defense & Influence principles Facilitate Verbal Defense & Influence learning activities Check trainees for understanding upon completion of learning activities Demonstrate the use of a rubric in directing learning activities Provide feedback to trainees based on rubrics Lead a training debrief session   About the Instructors:   Verbal Defense & Influence was developed and is taught by a nationwide group of experts in a wide variety of fields. This broad-based group brings over 100 years of combined experience in addressing human conflict, with the common goal of reducing the discord and violence that we see and hear in our daily lives.   Payment is due before the first day of the training. Vstelar accepts Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover. Credit cards will be charged at the time of registration. A receipt will be emailed to the registrant at the time of the transaction. To pay with Check or Purchase Order please print invoice at the time of registration. The Confirmation Number can be used as the Invoice #. Please mail payments to: Vistelar Group Attn: Accounts Receivable 1845 N Farwell Ave., Suite 210 MIlwaukee, WI 53202 Vistelar Cancellation Policy: If you are not able to attend your training event you must notify the Vistelar FIVE (5) WORKING DAYS PRIOR to the first day of the training event. Cancellations must be received in writing via email. All cancellations are subject to a non-refundable 0 administrative fee. This fee can be waived by sending a substitute with written notice to Vistelar. WITHIN FIVE (5) WORKING DAYS of the training, cancellations are subject to a non-refundable 0 administrative fee. Please allow up to one week to process any refunds. If you do not cancel and do not attend, your registration fee will be forfeited to Vistelar.

at Hosted by Clarksville Police Department
1970 Broadway Street
Clarksville, United States

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7 Ways to Create Traffic-Boosting Content in the Context of Content Curation

7 Ways to Create Traffic-Boosting Content in the Context of Content Curation
Under this concept, you will be more successful in your promotion or lead generation efforts if for every one self-serving piece of content you share or promote, you also share one piece of content that is related to your business, and four pieces of …
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Add Analytics to Improve Automated B2B Marketing Results
With hundreds of thousands, and even millions of leads flowing through marketing automation platforms, marketers know they need to score leads. … Create a data-driven marketing strategy and increase marketing's contribution to revenue generation.
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Greener, safer flow battery could store renewable energy on the cheap
Flow batteries are a relatively new technology and, to put it mildly, their first generation didn't feature the best choice of materials. … When he isn't writing for Gizmag he is usually traveling the world on a whim, working on an AI-guided …
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HomeAs Reconstructionists Accept Rabbis With Non-Jewish Partners, Will Reform

HomeAs Reconstructionists Accept Rabbis With Non-Jewish Partners, Will Reform
This new generation of Jewish leaders has watched how, in the older generation, some of the rebels who married outside the faith actually became more Jewish when their non-Jewish partners started understanding — and then, to everyone's surprise …
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Is Account-Based Marketing the Holy Grail for Lead Generation Nirvana
Simply, marketing is much more involved in revenue and customer generation, and the marketing tools and available data now allow marketers to contribute in tangible ways to delivering customers within a defined set of companies. While ABM is full of …
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Syria President al-Assad Interview: “New Anti-terrorism Coalition Must Succeed
President Assad: There are, of course, different kinds of terrorism in our region, but they are all overshadowed by what is called Islamic terrorism because these terrorist groups or organizations have adopted Islam without having anything to do with …
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Is 'The Martian' worth your time?

Is 'The Martian' worth your time?
In the novel “The Martian” author Andy Weir created a character that is one of the most likable and relatable lead characters of any book I've ever read. As I read the book I kept … Weir's source material is well researched and well planned and Drew …
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Star Wars: The Force Awakens News: Admiral Ackbar Returns, Trailer & Release Date
On reading the script: "When I read the script I cried, and I'm not really a big crier… I'm more like a … What we do know is that the new trilogy will see the old generation team up with a new generation of heroes to continue their fight against an …
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How Gina Rodriguez sees herself
She wanted to do her part to make sure that little girls — the next generation of Ginas — would have role models on TV who looked like them. She describes herself as a “pretty … “I was five pages in” to the pilot script, Rodriguez said, when she …
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Executing Strategy: Synergizing Your People, Operations and Processes With Results – By Compliance Global Inc.

Executing Strategy: Synergizing Your People, Operations and Processes With Results – By Compliance Global Inc.
Event on 2015-10-29 13:00:00

Have you looked at how your company develops strategy lately?

Is your organization poised to implement strategies that create value, generate growth and result in profits? Who is crafting and executing strategy in your firm? Strategy formation and strategic thinking have evolved…make sure your strategic thinking skills are keeping pace. You need to know the answers to these questions plus…what tools still work and continue to be useful in the development of strategy. What new approaches might give your organization a kick-start to move to a new level of high performance?

This webinar is designed to mesh the proven-by-practice with new insights and ideas from a wide range of current strategic thinking. Managers learn by doing and gain a wider perspective of management practice through breakout sessions, practice exercises and case applications. Bring your strategic dilemmas to this program and get direction on up-to-date analytical and organizational approaches to solutions.

You will gain an understanding as to when it’s time to re-think strategy or to re-invent your organization. Get a clear perspective on your organizational role in the development and implementation of successful strategies.

Why Should You Attend:

• Identify the benefits of focusing on strategy
• Learn the different ways in which vision can be used in the organization
• Understand how to integrate strategy, objectives, metrics and performance
• Learn the new strategic patterns that are evolving and develop ideas for their application for your legal environment of business
• Discover when to use action plans to implement strategy and when a looser system is required

Areas Covered in this Webinar:

• How to structure the development of strategy for an organization
• How to develop critical thinking skills
• How to generate sufficient data and organize it into relevant information for use in developing strategy
• How your organization and the business environment in which it exists interact through strategy formation and implementation
• How resources reinforce strategic direction and influence results
• Positive means of engaging the organization in strategy formation and implementation

Learning Objectives:

• How your organization and the business environment in which it exists interact through strategy formation and implementation
• How resources reinforce strategic direction and influence results
• Positive means of engaging the organization in strategy formation and implementation

Who Will Benefit:

• Executives
• Managers
• Team Lead
• Supervisor
• HR Personnel



For more information, please visit https://www.complianceglobal.us/product/700225

About Compliance Global Inc:

Compliance Global Inc; is a training (webinar) organization based in New Hyde Park, New York, providing world-class compliance trainings and online webinars by leveraging a pool of experienced speakers / consultants in the Pharmaceutical, Bio-Technology, Medical Devices, Clinical Compliance, FDA Compliance, Healthcare, BFSI, Life Science & HR streams for improving the knowledge base of the customers. Our trainings are contemporary, simple and cost-effective with easy access and great delivery experience. Compliance Global is a multifaceted entity, an absolute knowledge repository.

Our varied industry expertise ranges across Life Science (Pharmaceutical, Bio-Technology, Medical Devices, Clinical Compliance, FDA Compliance), Healthcare, HR Compliance, BFSI, Food & Dietary Supplements, Insurance, Accounting & Taxation and other Cross Industry streams.

Email: referrals@complianceglobal.us
Toll Free: +1-844-746-4244
Tel: +1-516-900-5515

at Online Webinar
2754 80th Avenue
New Hyde Park, United States

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Jeff Daniels

Jeff Daniels
Event on 2015-10-30 20:00:00

When you think of "grassroots" and "down to Earth," you don't normally think of a movie star. You especially don't think of a movie star the caliber of Jeff Daniels. Yet that is exactly what Jeff has accomplished with his sixth recording, Days Like These. Daniels has proven that he is not an actor who sings, but an accomplished singer/songwriter who's musical talent does not require the support of his acting.DAYS LIKE THESE is the sixth recording of Jeff Daniels' music and is available under his independent label Boomadeeboom Records (jeffdaniels.com) Jeff has spent the past twelve years playing throughout the country. He has shared the stage with Lyle Lovett, John Hiatt and Keb Mo', and has studied with Stefan Grossman. In 2012, the Martin Guitar Company began selling an OM Jeff Daniels Custom Artist Edition Guitar. "When I moved to New York City to chase acting as a career, what I didn't plan on was being influenced by all the playwrights I would work with Off-Broadway. In particular Lanford Wilson – who would later go on to win a Pulitzer Prize for his play, TALLEY'S FOLLY – taught me so much about the writing process; the love/hate relationship one has with such a solitary pursuit, the endless rewriting, the search and struggle to find a way to say it better. In Hollywood, the joke is ask any actor what he wants to do next and he'll say, 'Direct.' All I wanted to do was write. So, I did. Almost forty years later, I still am. DAYS LIKE THESE is my best effort so far."What the press is saying about Jeff Daniels:"Recalling John Prine, Daniels is a semi-autobiographical yarn spinner in the mode of Mr. Guthrie and the much missed Steve Goodman." – New York Times"Many film actors have worked in TV, and many dabble in the theater. But Jeff Daniels is one of only a handful who can count a respectable musical career alongside acclaimed work on film, TV and stage." – The Detroit News"Jeff Daniels brings his original music to 54 Below in an intimate musical evening. The songs are tuneful, funny, honest and true, filled with laugh-out-loud humor and poignancy, this is a wondrous night with one of television's biggest stars that you don't want to miss." – Broadway.com"His ability to entertain as an actor spills over greatly into his music, making him even more of a storyteller than he already was. This past weekend, Jeff Daniels returned to SPACE for a sold out show." – Gaper's Block Review of SPACE Concert, Chicago"The guy can finger-pick a nimble lead on guitar. He can growl a blues vocal or croon a gentle ballad. He writes songs that are funny, poignant, melodic and catchy. E.g., Daniels is a legit musician, unlike many celebrities who use their fame to prop up their mediocre hobbies." – Toledo City Paper

at Mesa Arts Center
1 East Main Street
Mesa, United States

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