3 Tips for Performing Effective Lead Generation Telemarketing

3 Tips for Performing Effective Lead Generation Telemarketing
If you're one who's making use of B2B telemarketing for lead generation, then you're in luck. This post will teach you about how you can effectively perform such a task. Here are a few things to keep in mind when doing lead generation telemarketing …
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LinkedIn Marketing and Telemarketing: CDM Direct and Bibby Consulting Group
… marketing business scene and teamed up with call centre group CDM Direct, in a move that's sure to take the business community by storm as they leverage their resources over outbound telemarketing and cutting-edge social media strategy on LinkedIn.
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Lead Generation Telemarketing – Plan It, Test It, Assess It
When lead generation telemarketing to increase saleability is involved, proper planning is needed so that you get the best results possible from your campaign. You also need to invest much time and effort into your plans. As such, here is a three step …
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Advanced Workshop “Design Photovoltaic (PV) Arrays”

Advanced Workshop “Design Photovoltaic (PV) Arrays”
Event on 2015-08-06 09:00:00
During this session you will learn the design fundamentals without using software. Then we will use some helpful free software tools but also the world leading PV design and analyze software PV-SOL Premium 7.5.
In 2 days, you will learn to know about:
Day One
1. Site selection and site survey
what data are required
data assembly
tools and documentation
2. Consulting with the customer
satisfy your customer by answer all his questions right
3. Design a flat roof PV-array
design roles summary
determine the number of solar modules fitting on the available space by considering i.e. row distance, security distances
create the bill of material, quotation and Pay Back Period
design the system with the software PV-Sol Premium 2D planning, obtain climate data, configure the system using roof parameters
4. Design insights of inverters
design roles, max. system Voltage and current, Mpp range
nominal power ratio
performance ratio
influence of orientation and shading
Day Two
5. Discover inverter design by using the free software sunny design
how to choose the best inverter design
compare the different inverter designs regarding their yield production and the specific inverter prices
choosing inverters
6. Inverter design by using the world leading software PV Sol Premium 7.5
settings and adjustment of PV Sol Premium 7.5
group tasks and knowledge transfer into the practice
7. Design DC- and AC-cable
using free software tools in designing ac and dc cable
performing some design tasks and exercises
8. Designing PV-Systems using PV*Sol Premium 7.5
creating 3D objects in plant design, module coverage & interconnection, shading simulation and forecasts, graphics and project pictures.
choose the right inverter facing technical and financial aspects
introduction: design a PV-Array with the help of a digital photo
9. Brief test and certificate award
Alexander Kaub, founder and lecturer of The Academy and inutec is working successfully for the last 20 years in the field of solar photovoltaic (PV) energy. With his company inutec solarcenter he is a true pioneer who has taken part in all aspects of the solar market. From 2008, 2009 and 2010 his company generated every year around 18 million USD turn-over in Germany. He has impressive experience in designing, planning, installation, training, the growing solar market and operating a business. In 2013 he attended 12 seminars about the latest PV knowledge in Germany to be up to date. He is an Authorized Expert for Photovoltaic Equipment (TÜV).
Registration Online please visit: www.TheAcademyOfSolarPowerEducation.com
e-mail: support@inutec-int.com
+632 9239510024 Maricar Infante
Venue: Infinity Tower Conference Room Makati City
August 6-7, 2015 9:00am-5:00pm

The Academy of Solar Power Education (The Academy) aims to provide you the latest and best and photovoltaic education in the world. During the last 20 years Germany was the largest PV-market worldwide, the German education about PV is world leading. The content will be presented easy to understand, interactive and with strong relation to the practice. Experience learning with excitement and fun. It is the initial key for your success.

Php 14,900
* inclusive certificate
* 5% Early Bird discount (30 days prior the event)
* 20% if you book all four PV courses!

Don’t miss it, register now!

at Infinity Tower Hotel Conference Room
106 Dela Costa St., Salcedo Village
Makati, Philippines

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The New Rules of Business with Dale Beaumont – Adelaide

The New Rules of Business with Dale Beaumont – Adelaide
Event on 2015-09-29 08:45:00
Imagine how good it would be if your business gave you the money, time & freedom you always wanted… New Rules of Business is a powerhouse event like no other. It condenses the knowledge and ideas others take years to figure out into one dynamic, jam-packed day. Unique to this event, you’ll discover: Content-rich, practical strategies that mine the huge opportunities that await you Forward thinking ideas that give you a powerful competitive advantage Live view, real-time examples of how a successful business is applying and reaping the benefits Step-by-step guides you can use straight away to get your business up to speed and pumping Insider insights from Dale Beaumont, who presents for the entire day, and who built 3 different million dollar businesses by the age of 30   Introducing… New Rules of Business is a FREE 1- Day workshop designed to transform the way you run your business forever. New Rules of Business will open your eyes to an array of fantastic new tools, strategies and ideas that are available to you right now. From savvy online strategies, to outsourcing, social media avenues and more, you’ll learn how you can reach more of your ideal clients, grow revenue and get more done with greater efficiency than ever before. You’ll be amazed at how easy and inexpensive they are. And you’ll be blown away by their ability to radically transform how much more you can get done with little cost or direct involvement by you. Spend just one day at New Rules of Business and you’ll come away with a host of practical cutting edge ideas that will make many business processes effortless and stress-free. What’s more, you’ll gain a renewed sense of energy and focus about what’s possible for you to achieve personally and professionally. Hundreds of business owners who’ve attended have gone away and immediately applied the ideas they learned. In doing so, they’ve revolutionised their business and refueled their passion for it. Better yet, they’ve created more clarity and confidence about where they’re headed, as well as more free time for themselves. Something shifts in people’s minds after they’ve attended this event. It’s like they’re seeing their business through a completely different lens and it’ll never be the same again.   New Rules of Business Gives you a ton of practical, meaty information you can implement straight away and start reaping the rewards in your business.   Does your website attract and convert plenty of ideal clients? If not, you’re not alone. Many businesses have websites that fail to be found, or have content or functionality that does not engage the clients they’re seeking. But it’s not that hard to change this. There are many simple and inexpensive ways you can capitalise on the potential your website has to offer – and generate more sales as a result. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Reach more prospective clients through smart domain names Create lead magnets that convert visitors into clients Ensure your website is responsive on mobile devices and easy to update Structure landing pages for successful, targeted promotions Integrate all of your online activities to generate powerful results   Your website is one of the most critical tools in your marketing kit. Learn the tips and tricks to avoid the website mistakes most business owners make that waste time and sabotage their success.   Is it easy for you to step away from your business to travel, or to simply spend time with your family enjoying life? For many business owners, this is something they dream of, but struggle to actually do. Or when they are away from their business, there’s a nagging worry at the back of their mind about what might be going wrong without them. Systems are the answer. And forget about outdated policy and procedures manuals. At New Rules of Business you’ll learn an easy way to create online systems that are incredibly user-friendly. You’ll also get a glimpse inside our business where you’ll see how you can manage your business and train new staff – all without even being there. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Unpack your knowledge into a simple system your staff can follow Create a consistent, reliable experience for your clients Grow your business rapidly through scalable, replicatable systems Gain greater visibility over the status of internal processes Multiply the value of your business by eliminating its dependence on you   Effective systems give your business the structure it needs to flourish without you. This gives you the freedom to work on your business instead of in it. It also means you create more time for you to simply relax and enjoy life.   How much is your time worth? As a business owner, you already have plenty on your plate each day. But among this, there are likely to be many boring or repetitive tasks that don’t need to be done by you. More and more business owners are turning to outsourcing as a way to streamline their personal load and the demands on their team, and to get more done. They’re able to use their time more productively and focus on what interests them most – and where they can be most effective. For as little as to an hour, you can outsource a variety of activities to a virtual assistant. As a result, you and your team are freed up to concentrate on tasks that add more value to your business. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Identify the tasks you can readily outsource Find the right outsourced staff for your business Create systems that support your virtual assistants to do their best work Maintain a consistent standard of quality across your local and offshore operations Leverage the capability of your business by tapping into a wider range of virtual services   Outsourcing is an extremely cost effective way to help your team become significantly more productive and efficient each and every day. Draw on the skills and talents of virtual staff, and offload a raft of tasks that need not be done by you or your team.   The internet has made it super easy for you to reach a very wide audience. By publishing content on your area of expertise – through articles, videos, podcasts, case studies, blogs and more – it becomes simpler for your target audience to find you. This is because having more content lets you ‘claim more real estate’ in search engine results. A growing number of tools make it possible to repurpose your valuable content in multiple ways, enabling you to promote it through a variety of platforms. For example, a video you create can have the audio extracted to create a podcast. You can then have the audio transcribed into a blog post. This triples the avenues through which a prospective client can find you on the web. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Use ‘front end offers’ that attract new leads and demonstrate your expertise Make videos and podcasts that are professional, compelling and effective Use infographics to simplify and communicate your ideas Ramp up your rankings on Google by tagging your content with targeted keywords Publish a no-fuss, content-rich magazine that appeals to your target audience   By appearing in multiple channels, your visibility as a subject matter expert is significantly boosted. This reinforces your credentials and authority as an expert, making you the standout choice when a prospective client comes looking.   With a never-ending list of social media channels available, it can be confusing for businesses to decide whether it’s worth pursuing at all. And if it is the right path, which is the best type to follow? Some businesses leap into social media without really figuring out why, and end up wasting lots of time and money for little result. But when it’s done well, social media has the capacity to make an extraordinary impact on your business, in a truly cost effective way. Right now, over 75% of your customers use social media. So if this is where they want to spend their time, you need clever ways to connect with them. By using social media the right way, you can hyper-target your advertisements and promote your business to the people you would otherwise have to spend hundreds of dollars to reach, often for less than per lead. You’ll gain an overview of each social media strategy, along with easy ways to manage content and stay relevant and interesting to your audience.   You’ll gain an overview of each social media strategy, along with easy ways to manage content and stay relevant and interesting to your audience.   How often do you keep in contact with your customers once they’ve bought from you? Or what about your list of prospective customers who are yet to buy? If you have a database of customers or prospects, it’s crucial for your business to stay on their radar. This helps ensure you’re top of mind when the time comes for them to buy. It also means you can offer them new products or services, and potentially increase your revenue stream. But it’s not about touching base one-on-one forever. Your business will never grow that way. Learn simple and automated ways your business can retain your customers and prospects, and keep them buying from you over and over. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Create content that’s compelling, useful and relevant to encourage people to opt-in to your mailing list Survey your list to identify what your audience is looking for Build automated campaigns that require minimal effort on your part Identify the headlines and landing pages that deliver the strongest conversion rates Generate a passive, ongoing income stream by offering products and services that match your target audience’s interests   Learn how to leverage your marketing so your current and potential customers look forward to hearing from you. It only takes a few hours a week and you can plan and set up everything months in advance.   Did you know that YouTube is the second most popular search engine in the world? Or that websites with videos have higher conversion rates than ones that don’t? If a picture tells 100 words, a video can communicate thousands in a very short space of time. You can use video for a wide range of purposes – to demonstrate the benefits of your products or services, to make an announcement, to present ‘how to’ information or even to capture video testimonials. While once upon a time it was tricky to make videos in-house that looked and sounded good, that’s no longer the case. With quality video tools, accessories and online resources available at a reasonable cost, it’s become quite simple to produce polished videos for your website. At New Rules of Business, you’ll learn how to: Choose the basics you need to get underway with video production Stage your videos so they’re professional and engaging Use accessories such as prompters that let you read your script while looking directly at the camera Ensure your sound is clear through the right choice of microphone Upload your videos to YouTube and tag them correctly to make it easier for your target audience to find them   More and more people choose to watch a video rather than read loads of web copy. Learn how easy it can be to produce good quality videos inexpensively in-house, through the valuable information you’ll gain at New Rules of Business.   Here's what our clients have achieved after attending New Rules of Business and applying our strategies into their business… “The role of the Business Owner is not to be the one that does everything” We had the right foundations from day 1…it's amazing how quickly it grows” “It's fast tracked us, just outsource everything you're not great at” “I sold more off my facebook page than off my website”       Get ready to embrace your future As an owner of a business, you know that it affects every aspect of your life – from the lifestyle you live, to how much time you have to spend with your family or to look after your health – even to how well you sleep at night. Don’t stay stuck in the old ways of doing business and risk missing out on the amazing opportunities that are available to you right now. Give your business the wings it needs to thrive. Take advantage of the breakthrough ideas you’ll discover in the FREE 1-Day New Rules of Business event and build the business and life you deserve. You have nothing to lose and your whole life to gain.

at Crown Plaza
16 Hindmarsh Square
Adelaide, Australia

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Pastor Arthur Gray and High Praise Company – Lead Me, Guide Me

Pastor Arthur Gray and High Praise Company – Lead Me, Guide Me

from I’m Yours

Price: USD 0.99
View Details about Pastor Arthur Gray and High Praise Company

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How to Sky Rocket Your Leads with Social Prospecting

How to Sky Rocket Your Leads with Social Prospecting
Companies are finding that their LinkedIn Company Page is a powerful and effective way to nurture leads and increase sales. In fact, 50% of LinkedIn members are more likely to purchase from a company they engage with on LinkedIn. Source: LinkedIn; In a …
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Spreadtrum Chipset is Adopted for Samsung GALAXY Tab E Tablets | news.sys-con
John Greenough is the lead analyst covering the Internet of Things for BI Intelligence- Business Insider's paid research service. Numerous IoT companies have cited his analysis of the IoT. Prior to joining BI In… Jul. 26, 2015 09:00 PM EDT Reads: 1,522.
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Bait Your Hook: The Best Freebies For Generating Leads
But if you get creative with your freebie offering, you can overcome all the content noise to truly engage with your visitors and get targeted leads to get in contact with you. … Ebooks are more casual and less technical, and work great for B2C …
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Iordanis Tsomidis & Betty Daskalaki – Varethika Tetoia Zoi (I Lead a Boring Kife)

Iordanis Tsomidis & Betty Daskalaki – Varethika Tetoia Zoi (I Lead a Boring Kife)

from Jordan River, Songs & Bouzouki Solos (USA Recordings1960-67)

Price: USD 0.99
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Bonnie Raitt

Bonnie Raitt
Event on 2015-08-04 19:00:00
with Richard Julian
With the release of her nineteenth album, Slipstream, Bonnie Raitt is starting anew. The album marks her return to studio recording after seven years; it's coming out as the launch of her own label, Redwing Records; and it delivers some of the most surprising and rewarding music of her remarkable career, thanks in part to some experimental sessions with celebrated producer Joe Henry.The years before and after Raitt's last album, 2005's acclaimed Souls Alike, weren't an easy time for her, with the passing of parents, her brother, and a best friend. So after following that album with her usual long run of touringwinding up with the "dream come true" of the "BonTaj Roulet" revue with Taj Mahal in 2009 and a triumphant appearance at the all-star Rock and Roll Hall of Fame 25th anniversary concerts the same year she decided to step back and recharge for a while."I took a hiatus from touring and recording to get back in touch with the other part of my life," she says. "On the road, under stress, it's hard to stay in balance and move forward." Excited to have time at home and with her family and friends, she could go to the symphony, check out live jazz and Cuban shows, and so much else. She continued her ongoing political work, helping to organize NukeFree.org in 2007 and supporting her favorite non-profit organizations. "I didn't have to be the professional version of myself for a long time," she says. "It wasn't so much a vacation as a chance to take care of a lot of neglected areas of my life, a lot of processing after all that loss and activity."When she started thinking about making music again, Bonnie knew she needed to try something out of the ordinary. "I was really interested in working with different people, and someone I had always been drawn to was Joe Henry," she says. "I'm a big fan of his writing and albums and love the work he's done producing Allen Toussaint, Solomon Burke, and others. I thought it would be really intriguing to see what we could come up with. Coincidentally, he had been wanting to call me as well. Our first phone call lasted over two hours."They found a brief window when Henry's usual crew of musicians was available, augmented by a new friend of Bonnie's, the magnificent guitarist Bill Frisell. "I didn't have to produce or get the band together, I could just show up and sing," she says. "I came to Joe's with, to use a Zen expression, 'beginner's mind.'" The experiment yielded eight songs in 48 hours, and Raitt was inspired to get back to work full force. "I loved singing these songs and playing with these guys so much," she says, "This was just the jumpstart I needed to get me back in the saddle and wanting to work on a new album."She plans to release the full results of the Joe Henry sessions down the line, but for now she chose to include four of these tracks on Slipstream the Henry originals "You Can't Fail Me Now" (co-written with Loudon Wainwright III) and "God Only Knows," and two songs from Bob Dylan's Time Out of Mind album, "Million Miles" and "Standing in the Doorway." A few months later, Raitt gathered her long-time touring bandmatesGeorge Marinelli on guitar, James "Hutch" Hutchinson on bass, and Ricky Fataar on drumsalong with a new addition and an old friend on keys, Mike Finnigan (Taj Mahal; Joe Cocker; Crosby, Stills and Nash) in a Los Angeles studio. Bonnie was also pleased to have Maia Sharp, one of her favorite artists and a collaborator on Souls Alike, joining her team once again, adding back-up vocals to several songs.Where Raitt's last several albums concentrated on material from lesser-known and younger songwriters, Slipstream draws from more of her contemporaries, including Paul Brady and Michael O'Keefe's "Marriage Made in Hollywood" and a reggae-fied version of Gerry Rafferty's "Right Down the Line." Her longtime friend Al Anderson, formerly of NRBQ, contributes three songs and plays on four; his hard-bopping guitar work adds to the general sense of six-string gunslinging throughout the album. "One of the new things about this record is that we let the guitar jams go on for a while," says Raitt. George and I got into some rockin' back and forth like we do live, and I had a ball going head-to-head with Al Anderson, one of my all-time favorite guitarists, on his 'Split Decision.'More than just a best-selling artist, respected guitarist, expressive singer, and accomplished songwriter, Bonnie Raitt has become an institution in American music. Born to a musical family, the nine-time Grammy winner, who Rolling Stone named one of the "100 Greatest Singers of All Time," is the daughter of celebrated Broadway singer John Raitt (Carousel, Oklahoma!, The Pajama Game) and accomplished pianist/singer Marge Goddard. She was raised in Los Angeles in a climate of respect for the arts, Quaker traditions, and a commitment to social activism. A Stella guitar given to her as a Christmas present launched Bonnie on her creative journey at the age of eight. While growing up, though passionate about music from the start, she never considered that it would play a greater role than as one of her many growing interests.After forging an alliance with Capitol Records in 1989, Bonnie achieved new levels of popular and critical acclaim. She won four Grammy Awards in 1990three for her Nick of Time album and one for her duet with John Lee Hooker on his breakthrough album, The Healer. Within weeks, Nick of Time shot to number one (it is now certified quintuple platinum). Luck of the Draw (1991, seven-times platinum) brought even more success, firing two hit singles "Something to Talk About" and "I Can't Make You Love Me" up the charts, and adding three more Grammys to her shelf. The double-platinum Longing in Their Hearts, released in 1994, featured the hit single "Love Sneakin' Up On You" and was honored with a Grammy for Best Pop Album. It was followed in 1995 by the live double CD and film Road Tested (now available on DVD).In March of 2000, Bonnie was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; this was followed by her welcome into the Hollywood Bowl Hall of Fame, along with her father, in June 2001. Over the years, Bonnie has appeared as a guest on over 100 album projects, as chronicled in the discography section of her official website. She continues to stretch the boundaries, performing with artists as varied as Cape Verdean singer Cesaria Evora, and legends B.B.King, Tony Bennett, and Willie Nelson. In 2003, she also participated in Martin Scorsese's acclaimed PBS series, The Blues, performing two songs in Wim Wenders' film, The Soul of a Man, and joining the all-star cast of Lightning in a Bottle, the live feature concert film on the Blues directed by Antoine Fuqua. She also contributed songs for two Disney movies, The Country Bears and Home on the Range. She played guitar on a track on Stevie Wonder's album, A Time To Love, and appeared in the TV/DVD tribute, Music l0l: Al Green.Bonnie continues to use her influence to affect the way music is perceived and appreciated in the world. In 1988, she co-founded the Rhythm and Blues Foundation, which works to improve royalties, financial conditions, and recognition for a whole generation of R&B pioneers to whom she feels we owe so much. In 1995, she initiated the Bonnie Raitt Guitar Project with the Boys and Girls Clubs of America, currently running in 200 clubs around the world, to encourage underprivileged youth to play music as budgets for music instruction in the schools run dry. Bonnie currently sits on the Advisory or Honorary Boards of a number of organizations, including Little Kids Rock, Rainforest Action Network, Music Maker Relief Foundation and the Arhoolie Foundation.In the summer of 2009, Bonnie Raitt and Taj Mahaltwo leading lights of modern bluesjoined forces for their first-ever tour together. The "BonTaj Roulet" tour featured Bonnie and Taj on stage alone and together, before closing each night with a collaborative, blow-out Rhythm and Blues revue-style performance. In addition to the glorious sounds made from the stage, the BonTaj Tour also raised over 0,000 for charity. In an act of democracy dubbed the BonTaj Collective Action Fund, concertgoers voted amongst four cause areas and net proceeds were distributed in proportion to overall votes tallied.Now, Raitt is re-energized and excited to strap her guitar back on and get to work. After spending her career split between Warner Bros and Capitol Records, she is venturing out on her own with a label called Redwing Records. (Slipstream will be distributed by RED in North America and Proper Records for Ex North America.)The album's title is very significant for Bonnie Slipstream isn't just a beautiful sounding word, but an indication of her place in the music community. "I'm in the slipstream of all these styles of music," she says. "I'm so inspired and so proud to continue these traditions, whether it's reggae or soul or blues. I'm in the slipstream of those who came before me, and I'm leaving one for those behind me. I'm holding up the traditions of the music that I love."

at Shelburne Town Hall
Route 7/Shelburne Road
Shelburne, United States

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SnailFest Invertebrate Neurophysiology Workshop: July 31-Aug 2, 2015

SnailFest Invertebrate Neurophysiology Workshop: July 31-Aug 2, 2015
Event on 2015-07-31 08:30:00
SnailFest Invertebrate Neurophysiology Workshop at Emory University ADInstruments – and – Emory University's Neuroscience & Behavioral Biology Program are excited to co-host this hands-on workshop: July 31 – August 2 * SAVE 0 BY REGISTERING BEFORE JULY 1! * Who Should Attend: Higher Education Life Science instructors seeking to expand their curriculum reach in the neurosciences.   Course Overview: A hands-on workshop teaching practical laboratory skills for extracellular and intracellular recording. Snail buccal and circumesophageal ganglia are established models for motor pattern generation, neuronal excitability, neuromodulation, and investigation of the ionic currents that underlie complex activity patterns. The large cell bodies make them ideal for the teaching lab. We will use two species of pond snails, Lymnaea and Helisoma.      • Click here to view the Course Itinerary [PDF] •          Instructors: Dr. Robert Wyttenbach SENIOR LECTURER IN NEUROSCIENCE & BEHAVIORAL BIOLOGY, EMORY UNIVERSITY   Bob Wyttenbach is a senior lecturer in Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology at Emory University. He has spent much of the last 15 years developing educational materials in neurophysiology, perception, and animal behavior. His research interest is insect hearing. Dr. Bruce Johnson SENIOR RESEARCH ASSOCIATE, CORNELL UNIVERSITY   Dr. Bruce Johnson is currently a Senior Research Associate with the Harris-Warrick Lab in the Dept. of Neurobiology and Behavior at Cornell University. Bruce, under the guidance of Dr. Ron Hoy, hosted the first series of NSF-funded Crawdad workshops and has an extensive background in neurobiology research and education from his past and current affiliations with the MBL, Shoals Marine Lab, PKAL and FUN.   Emily Pease TRAINING & SUPPORT ENGINEER, ADINSTRUMENTS   Emily has been using LabChart nearly every day for more than 5 years and is currently Lead LabChart Trainer and Support Engineer for ADInstruments. She has taught dozens of classroom and on-site LabChart training courses, including several application specific workshops. Emily received her Bachelors degree in Electrical Engineering from Northeastern University. Terms and Conditions: *The workshop may be cancelled or rescheduled by the instructor due to adverse weather, low class enrollment, catastrophic event, or for other reasons. All registrants will be notified at least 30 days before the event and course registration fees will be fully refunded should the course be cancelled.  *Attendee course cancellations must be received prior to 30 days before the start date of the event to receive a full refund. No-show's and late cancellations will be charged the full event price. Should you be unable to attend and would like to send someone in your place, please contact the event coordinator at webinar.na@adinstruments.com.       Accommodations and Parking* Please click here for hotel information. Best place for parking is at the Michael Street parking deck, which is free on weekends and /day on weekdays. On weekdays, Emory offers a free shuttle service from 6 am to 8 pm. The Executive park shuttle goes near several hotels. And finally, there are the park-and-ride shuttles. *Please note, ADInstruments is not responsible for your travel or accommodation arrangements. Please plan to book your arrangements after you receive your enrollment confirmation email from ADInstruments. 

at Neuroscience and Behavioral Biology Teaching Laboratory, Room 231
1462 Clifton Rd. Emory University
Atlanta, United States

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Top 10 Reasons Why Zillow Breaks $40 – Insider Monkey

Top 10 Reasons Why Zillow Breaks – Insider Monkey
1. Zillow is a lead generation company for real estate agents and mortgage brokers … nothing more. So it will ultimately trade like a lead generation company. Look at TrueCar (NASDAQ:TRUE), which now trades at 2.5x revenue or Bankrate (NYSE:RATE) …
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AFG creates new lead generation tool for brokers
AFG has partnered with realestate.com.au to launch a new home loan tool for consumers on the online property portal. The tool is integrated into property searches, presenting the available loan options through AFG that are potentially available to a …
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The One Attribution Strategy B2B Marketers Must Steal From B2C

The One Attribution Strategy B2B Marketers Must Steal From B2C
Using cohort analysis, B2B marketers can gain a better understanding of how campaigns perform as they move through the sales funnel. Instead of grouping sales together for analysis, B2B marketers should group leads collected from download offers, …
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Perfect Your Cold Calling Skills In 7 Steps – Business 2 Community
However, much it looks like outbound marketing is becoming obsolete, cold calls remain a reality of most B2B as well as many B2C sales profiles. While cold calls are not going anywhere, the standard of your calls needs to get better, quick. With …
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10 Reasons Your Brand Needs To Be On LinkedIn
LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for individuals and companies looking to make new connections, generate leads, and build their brand. While it's an important platform for all businesses, LinkedIn can be a true game changer for B2B (business to business …
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